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Company Philosophy

v      Integrity and mutual-trust

Cntop has made ¡°Mutual Trust¡± the lifeline of the company. This is because we are convinced of the significant impact and influence that ¡°Trust¡± with customers, partners, employees, society will have on Cntop.

 v      Creativity and adaptability

Creativity and adaptability are not a denial of our past rather the transmission of an outstanding tradition in Cntop, carrying out thinking, branding, product, management and service innovation.

v      Affirmation of contribution

 Based on the principle of our consideration of customers, Cntop will continue as before to provide her customers with better products and services. Cntop will also provide her suppliers, distributors, customers, employees a platform for our mutual development.

 v      Quality First

Quality First refers to the continuous supply of better products and services, satisfying and exceeding customer¡¯s needs and expectations.


Company Vision:

To Become an Outstanding International Provider for One-Stop Service and Total-Solutions

 in the Field of Auto Service Equipment

Focusing in the field of auto service equipment, providing one-stop services and providing tailor made solutions to our customers.


Company Mission:

Integration of Premium Brands, Upgrading Level of Industrial Productivity

Introducing advanced technology and raising manufacturing level

With Cntop strength in technology applications and research of the market, we introduce advance technology and products as an integrated solutions to our customers, thereby upgrading manufacturing level.

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