About us

Pre-Sales Service

- Product Information Support.

- Specialist Meeting.

You can enjoy not only free product manual but also application and dynamic demo materials, also both local and foreign experts consultation and tailor made solutions.

Sales Service

- E-Information & Logistics, Order Search & Logistics Tracking.

- Customized Secondary Process.
If you should meet with any problems during installation or when in use, our technical support will provide timely support. You could also do tracking of your orders via our online biz system or giving us a call. We are also equipped with a secondary processing workshop to provide high quality customized products.

- Technical Support.


After-Sales Service

- Product Warranty.

-World-wide Warranty.
By purchasing from Cntop you not only get the standard services but also, ¡° World-wide warranty¡±. World-wide warranty not only covers our immediate customers but also equipment end users. For customer services or maintenance services please mail to
service@cntop-equip.com or give a call to the relevant product department and we will provide you instructions on how to manage the problem.

-Customer Service.
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