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All special size available.

Model: ZD-PMR

Outside dimension: 3140x3025x2800mm(LxWxH)

Inside dimension: 3020x2900x2750mm(LxWxH)

One personal door with tempered glass, door: 2000x800mm(HxW)

Two units of 4 tubes,ceiling light fixtures,covered with clear tempered glass

Two air intake filters fit in the wall panel.

The latest range of Zonda Painting Mixing Room is the most advanced available in a wide variety of size and configurations to meet any need and budget virtually. Safety for you to store the paint and mix painting.


Walls and doors are of insulated double panel construction. The interior and exterior walls are prepainted white finish.

Air Intake Filters

The air intake filters are fit in the wall panel a a low level.


Sealed light fixtures are fit into the ceiling of the Mixing Room with all electrical connections from outside.

Personal door

Double paneled, insulated, personal access door with clear tempered glass window, fit in any desired panel location.


The customer can add a ventilation fan mounted onto the roof, the fan should meet local safety requirements

Electrical controls

All electrical controls and connections are located outside of the mixing room.

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