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ZD435E Four Post Lift Electrical Release

         Liftting Capacity                                 3500kg/4200kg/5000kg

         Lifting Height                                     1800mm                                                 

         Min. Height                                        220mm

         Overall Length (included slope)        5460/5460/5860mm                                   

         Overall Width                                    3150/3150/3230mm

         Width Between Columns                  2740/2740/2820mm                                   

         Runway Length                                4250/4250/4800mm¡¡

         Runway Width                                  508mm                                                        

         Within the Runway distance             860-1150mm

         Central jack Height                            450mm                                                        

         Motor Power                                    2.2/2.2/3.0kw

         Power Supply                                  220V/240V/380V/415V                               

         Packing Size                                    4570*560*730/5100*560*730+820*340*360

Adopt hydraulic cylinder drive, quiet and smooth lifting.

Hydraulic power unit configuration throttling device, they can always adjust the rate of decline.

Manual locked release from one side, more convenient to use.

Adopt mechanical linkage with manual locks, four-point locking system. Easy to operate, can be locked in the desired height of operations, safety and reliability.

With wire control security lock set with a wire rope fracture protection,operational safety.

Runway spacing is adjustable for different wheel base vehicles.

With the second lift pulley

Central jack included.

Telescopic sliding beam and telescopic arm design, Screw-up pad,

Horizontal pad and Short-sleeved pad optional. 

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