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ZD1742 Full Rise Scissor Lift

         Rating Capacity                            3500kg/4000kg

         Runway length                             4200/4500mm                               

         Runway Width                              635/635mm

         Central Jack Raised Height          450mm                                           

         max. Lifting height                        1700/1800mm

         Min. height                                    210/220mm                                     

         Lifting time                                    60s

         Ack capacity                               2500kg                                             

         Central jack raised height           450mm

         Motor power                               2.2kw                                             

         Air supply                                    6~8Kg/cm2

         Power Supply                             380V/415V  3phase                       

         Weight                                         2167/2277kg

         Packing Size                               4600/4900*650*700                          

Super loe ptofile design and perfect for sutface mounted.

The two-cylinder structure makes the minimum height of 240mm.

Idea for wheel alignment,body service and other repair work.

Single platform leveling system makes leveling operation easier and ensures the synchronization.

With high quality anti-surge valve and ltalian ball valve.

The mechanical safety lock automatically engaged when rising.

24V control voltage and 500mm safety height buzzer guard against unexpected hurt or injury.

It has been proofed by dynamic test with 115% of rated capacity and static test with 150% of rated capacity .

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