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Dimensions/Weight                                                           Main Body                   Tank

                     Height                                                         1310mm/51.6"          1100mm/43.3"

 Width                                                          730mm/28.7"             400mm/15.7"

Depth                                                          1000mm/39.4"           400mm/15.7"

Net Weight                                                 320kg/705.5lbs          38kg/83.8lbs

Gross Weight                                            355kg/783.1lbs          42kg/92.6lbs

Packing Size                                                                        Main Body                  Tank    

 Height                                                          1450mm/57.1"          1180mm/46.5"

Width                                                             730mm/28.7"           440mm/17.3"

Depth                                                          1050mm/42.9"           440mm/17.3"

Power Requirement                                                                      100Vac/240Vac 50/60HZ

Power Consumption                                                                                                   100VA

Operating Temperature Range                                                       -20/-4°F to 70/158°F

Compressed Air Input Range                                      145-217PSI/10-15bar /1000-1500kPa

Compressed Air Input Flow                                                                  1800L/min (62.4cfm)

Nitrogen Purity:                                                                                                       95-99+ %

Nitrogen Output:           508L/min (17.9cfm) @ 1    16PSI/8bar/800kPa absorption pressure

Maximum Nitrogen Pressure in Tank:        145-174PSI/10-12bar/1000-1200kPa  Adjustable

Model: ZD-E-1175

High Output, E-1175 can inflate a 12.00R22.5 tyre from zero to 120PSI/8.2bar in only 2.9 minutes

■ Suit for: Motorcycle, Car, Light Truck, Bus

■ Suit for: Painting *

1. Generates nitrogen from your compressed air

2. Auto Shut-Off

3. 2*2 Pre-Filters

4. 118L/31.1gal (us) external nitrogen storage tank

5.   5. 1Nos*10m/32.8ft standard hose with 2 quick couplers to connect the unit and your tyre inflation gun

6. Nitrogen purity test port


ZD-E-1175 Operation Steps:

1. Connect air hose to yourtyre inflation gun - separately supplied.

2. Remove the tyre valve core to exhaust the residual air from the tyre.   

3. Re-fit tyre valve core.

4. Inflate the tyre to the target pressure with yourtyre inflation gun.

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