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ZD-6000P Single Post Parking Lift

Lifting Capacity                                     2700kg

Lifting Height                                        1900mm                           

Minimum Height                                  110mm

Lifting Time                                           50s                                  

Overall Height                                      2830mm

Overall Width                                       2650mm                           

Overall Length                                     4210mm

Motor Power                                         2.2kw                               

power supply                                       220V/240V/380V/415V

Weight                                                  1100kg                              

2700kg(6600Lbs) parking capacity

Save garage parking space

Group ZD-6000P can be used as public parking facilities

Solid reliable lifting arm and sliding platform

Manual release at operating position

Operating control system with 24V safety voltage

24V height limit switch provided

Hydraulic pressure pre-setting prevention from lifting vehicle with exceeding rated loads

Routine testing with 115% dynamic and 150% static loading

CE approved.

2700kg(6600Lbs) parking capacity

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