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Vacuum Nitrogen Generator and Inflator

Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth                                    1255mm*700mm*435mm  


Net Weight:                                                                                          87kg/191.8lbs

Gross Weight:                                                                                   104kg/229.3lbs

Packing Size (Height*Width*Depth):                        1380mm*730mm*510mm  


Power Requirement:                                                                 100-240Vac 50/60HZ 

Power Consumption:                                                                                        30VA

Operating Temperature Range:                                          -20/-4°F to 70/158°F

Compressed Air Input Range:                                 87-145PSI/6-10bar /600-1000kPa

Compressed Air Input Flow:                                                         500L/min (17.0cfm)

Nitrogen Purity:                                                                                            95-99+%

Nitrogen Output:        58L/min (2.0cfm) @116PSI/8bar/800kPa absorption pressure

Maximum Nitrogen Pressure in Tank:                                         102PSI/7bar/700kPa 

Model: ZD-E-1136

■   Pump the air from the tyre by the internal vacuum generator before nitrogen inflation *

■ Auto-Start Inflation *

■ Single Tyre Application

■ Suit for: Car, Light Truck

1. Generates nitrogen from your compressed air

2. 2 Pre-Filters

3. 50L/13.2gal (us) internal nitrogen storage tank

4. Auto-start inflation

5. Remain at last setting

6. Audible and visual end of the cycle signal indicators

7. LED display

8. 1 Nos.*10m/32.8ft standard hose with single clip-on open tyre chuck

9. Nitrogen purity test port

10.  10. 1Nos Nitrogen Outlet to connect the unit and your tyre inflation gun

11. T  11. To increase the tyre nitrogen purity, the valve core must be removed manually and allow all the air to escape from the tyre. Before inflate tyre with nitrogen, firstly the unit will pump the residualair from the tyre by the internal vacuum generator then inflate nitrogen to the target tyre pressure


ZD-E-1136 Operation Steps:

1.  1. Set final target pressure using the + and - buttons. The upper LED screen will show the target pressure.

     2. Remove the tyre valve core to exhaust the residual air from the tyre, then re-fit the tyre valve core.

3. Connect air hose to tyre valve stem.

4. Press "START" key.

5. When unit “beeps” and the upper LED screen flashes “END”, tyre inflation is complete.

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